Technique Thursday

As the school year ends it is time to think about teacher gifts. I just love to give little thank you cards and gifts to show the teachers how much I appreciate all they did this school year for my little ones. My children also learn the importance of giving thanks as my son came up with a list of 18 people that not only included his teachers but also the custodian and maintenance man because he said they play and important part in his school, and need to be thanked as well. Gift packaging is so easy too, there is a selection of different sized bags and boxes to choose from in the catalogue, or make your own by using the Gift Box or Gift Bag Punch Board. For my teacher gifts I chose to use the Mini Muslin Bags, they are filled with tea bags and tied around a jar of Big D's Bees Honey.

When stamping on the Mini Muslin Bags put a piece of 3" ×3" card stock inside the bag to make sure the ink doesn't go through to the other side.